Published in support of the UK Biodiversity Action Plan for black grouse

Grants to mark fences in Scotland

Rural Development Contracts (RDC)
The RDCs are designed to encourage the creation and management of woods and forests to provide economic, environmental and social benefits now and in the future. Funds are available to remove redundant fencing and mark essential deer fences, as part of a package to improve habitats specifically for black grouse. Specific options included the conversion of a deer fence to a stock fence (£1.40/m), removal of a fence (£1.40/m) and the modification of a deer fence to make the fence more visible (£3.50/m).

Marking fences will need to form part of an overall application for funds to benefit black grouse on your site. Applications will be considered based on contribution to regional priorities, value for money and management of risk.

For more information, contact your nearest Black Grouse Recovery Project, or your local FC Scotland conservancy.