Published in support of the UK Biodiversity Action Plan for black grouse

Grants for woodland management in Scotland

Rural Development Contracts (RDCs)
New forest grants have been introduced as part of the new Scottish Rural Development Programme (SRDP) for 2007-2013. The rural programme will bring together a number of rural grants, including forestry grants, into an integrated system for rural support called Rural Development Contracts (RDC). Many of the options available will be familiar to those of you that used the Scottish Forestry Grant Scheme (see below). There is a package within the SRDP that is specifically for black grouse. This identifies both forestry and other options that can provide benefits for black grouse. You will need to pick and choose those options from the list provided that suit the requirements of your site.

Scottish Forestry Grant Scheme (SFGS)
Administered by Forestry Commission Scotland, this scheme was designed to encourage the creation and management of woods and forests to provide economic, environmental and social benefits now and in the future. Grants were awarded to expand and restore areas of native woodland, reduce deer numbers, mark deer fences and improve woodland biodiversity (black grouse a priority).

The SFGS closed on 31 August 2006.

Black Grouse - habitats & land management in Scotland
Black Grouse - habitats & land management in Scotland (pdf 451 k).
Information on practical measures to benefit Scotland's black grouse.

For more information, contact your nearest Black Grouse Recovery Project, or your local FC Scotland conservancy.