Published in support of the UK Biodiversity Action Plan for black grouse

Grants for woodland management in Wales

Woodland Grant Scheme (WGS)
Including the Farm Woodland Premium Scheme, this is administered by Forestry Commission Wales. Grants are available for new planting and for restructuring existing plantations. The grants are mostly fixed rates and tend to cover between 33% and 66% of actual costs. There are, however, occasional local 'Challenge Funds' with specific objectives that can cover 100% of the costs. As well as these, the Farm Woodland Premium Scheme can offer annual payments for 15 years for woods that are planted on agricultural ground, including upland pastures. For more information, contact Patrick Lindley, Wales Black Grouse Recovery Project, or your local Forestry Commission conservancy.

Note that the WGS in Wales is under review and is likely to change in the next couple of years.