Published in support of the UK Biodiversity Action Plan for black grouse


Sound, scientific research is the first step towards reversing the decline of black grouse. Only by understanding what is causing numbers to fall, knowing at which point in its life cycle things are going wrong, can anything be done to help.

Most of the ecological research into black grouse and their habitats has been undertaken by the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust and the RSPB, joint lead partners of the UK Biodiversity Action Plan for black grouse.

2005 Survey Results

Survey data from 2005 shows that black grouse numbers have dropped by 29 per cent in 10 years in Scotland alone and by 22 per cent in 10 years in Britain as a whole. However, in northern England the populations are stable, and in Wales, thanks to intensive habitat management, the population has increased by 39 per cent. Click here for more details (Word 22kb).

2007 Survey Results

2007 spring counts show that the number of male black grouse in England has risen to an estimated 1,200 males. Click here for more details.

Other Research

Click here to access a bibliography of other existing studies.